Week 2 – Activity

Part 1: Google yourself

In the first activity, start by Googling “Rebecca Hogue” or “Rebecca J. Hogue”, try also “Becky Hogue” – the course facilitator. What do you learn about her?

Now try Googling yourself – try with different variants of your name.

Feel free to share your experience with this activity in the course discussion area on Facebook Group, Google Plus Community, or here (see comments section below).

Part 2: Start writing

Now that you have considered how you wish to represent yourself, and how you wish to represent others on your cancer blog, now is the time to start writing. Do not worry that you don’t have not yet setup your blog (we talk about those logistics next week). What is important now is to have some content that you can use when you setup your blog.

Since most blogging platforms require that you be connected to the Internet, it is good to get into the practice of first writing your posts in an offline tool such as Microsoft Word or Evernote. This will ensure that if you lose your Internet connection mid-post, you don’t lose it!

Having some content ready before you start exploring platforms will make building your actual blog a lot easier. When you first create your site (next week we talk more about this), you want to be focusing on presentation not content. You want to have some real content that allows you to play with the presentation features. Once you have set your presentation (typically, this is something you only change once or twice per year if at all), then you can go back to focusing on writing.

For this week, take the time now to start writing:

  • The About page. The About page is typically a place on your website where you provide some background information about who you are. When writing it, try to avoid references that attach the post to a specific time – that is, don’t say things like “last year”, rather use the dates. The about page should be timeless, as you typically only update it once or twice per year.
  • Your first and second blog posts. Write your first two blogs posts. Don’t overthink this – just sit down and write something – you can always go back later and edit it before you actually publish it on your blog.
  • Start curating links. If you think you will want a “resources” page on your blog, then start collecting those links now. Also, if you want a blog roll that points to other people’s blogs, now is the time to start collecting that information.

Feel free to post content to the Facebook discussion group for feedback. Blog mentors can help if you get stuck.



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