Week 2 – Where do you draw the line?

Blogging, and cancer blogging in particular, involves sharing information about yourself and about others (such as family members and physicians). This week, you explore how much information you feel comfortable sharing, as well as the impact of your sharing on others.

In this week you may choose to explore:

  • Ways in which to protect your privacy and online identity
  • The importance of creating your own presence on the internet
  • What to share and not to share on your blog
  • Responsibilities when self-publishing
  • Copyright and image use on blogs
  • How to create an alter-identity to support blogging your cancer journey anonymously
  • Planning your digital legacy (what to do with your blog and Facebook accounts after your death)


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6 thoughts on “Week 2 – Where do you draw the line?

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  2. Wow, Becky. Good warning to remember. It’s far too easy for things to slip out of control in this new internet world! Thank you!

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  4. Hi guys, I’ll try to keep current on the info, but I just got home from the hospital so I may be “quiet.” Had an emergency appendectomy Friday. Recovering well. Could have been so much worse since I had an abdominal cancer. Very blessed.

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