In the first week, you explore what cancer blogs are, and why people who blog (bloggers) choose to share their journeys. In addition, you will learn how this particular course is structured, so that you can choose how you wish to participate.

In addition to learning about blogging, and more specifically about learning about blogging as someone either with cancer, or who is a caregiver of someone with cancer, you will also learn about connectivist courses and how they facilitate the connection of people. It is my hope that you not only learn about blogging, but that you also meet new people and grow your own personal learning network (PLN).

Each week of the course contains:

This is a free open online course. I give you permission to pick and choose which aspects of the course you wish to follow. I give you permission to pick and choose which of the content you wish to explore – often, their will be a lot of content in a given week – especially as the course grows – do not feel obligated to read/view/consume all of it. Choose what best meets your requirements.

In order to improve the content of this course/website, I will be seeking feedback on a regular basis. Please feel free to add feedback to this feedback form at any time (the feedback link is at the top and bottom of every page).

Code of Conduct

It is expected that all members of this community will:

  • Interact in a compassionate and nonjudgmental way
  • Assume the best of intentions during all communications relating to this course
  • Respect the privacy of other members of the community. You are welcome to share your personal learning; however, we ask that you not share any specific details about other members of the community. Each person has a right to tell their own story in the way in which they wish to tell it.
  • Do not use the Facebook Group or this website as a means for selling a product or service. This platform is intended as a learning tool only. Please email Rebecca if you wish to promote a product through this course.


This is a free open online course. It is being offered by Rebecca J. Hogue on a best effort basis. This course is in no way intended to provide therapy or any form of medical treatment.

Members of this community may share aspects of their personal journeys which you may find uncomfortable or unsettling. I encourage you to seek support through your professional medical team and other support groups. This is intended to be a course, not a support group.


One thought on “Introduction

  1. Typo: “I give you permission to pick and choose which of the content you with to explore…”
    Simple and easy to understand code. In art school we learned to be supportive in critiques. We we didn’t judge the way someone expressed how they felt, nor the rationality of their feelings.
    “Are there better ways to express this idea that makes it more accessible?” is a legitimate question as long as it doesn’t alter the authenticity of what is said.

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