Week 1 – Discussion

In the first week, please join one or more of the Facebook Group – https://www.facebook.com/groups/1557962144421106/, the Google Plus Community – https://plus.google.com/communities/106631068641876004459, or comment directly on this page (see below). These are the areas where the discussions for the course will occur. Blog mentors will be following along and participating in the discussions in these areas.

The Facebook group requires that an admin accept you into the group. This is to avoid spammers, but also is required as it is closed Facebook Group – only members of the group will see your posts. Once you have been accepted into the group, please post an introduction so we know you have found us successfully. In your introduction, please let us know why you have chosen to take this course and any expectations you may have of it.

Week 1 Discussion topics:

  • Join the Facebook or Google Plus group
  • Post an Introduction
  • Share why you have chosen to take this course and any expectations you may have

If you are not comfortable participating in the discussions on Facebook, you are welcome to join the group as a ‘lurker’ – that is someone who just reads the posts. A lot can be learned just by following the conversations.

If Facebook makes you uncomfortable and you would prefer to engage in this course on a more one-to-one level, you are welcome to just email me (rhogue at pobox.com – or any of the cancer blog mentors) your responses to the weekly discussions. We are happy to have conversations via email. I can do this as long as registration for the free course stays at a reasonably small size.

You may also wish to extend your discussion to those who you know in person. Sometimes it is easier to talk about the topics face-to-face. If this works for you, I encourage you to find a buddy or two to help you think through your discussion responses.

Please note that if you do not post to Facebook or the Google Group, and do not email me, I have no way of knowing you are participating in the course. So, even if you choose to have the discussions with friends over coffee, please drop me a quick email once a week to tell me how you are doing.

3 thoughts on “Week 1 – Discussion

  1. I have signed on but Facebook tells me it is pending so will comment here. I was diagnosed with mets to the bones in June of 2014. I started blogging but am need of direction–that is why I signed up for this course.

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