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Welcome to Should I Blog? A free open online course hosted by Rebecca J. Hogue (also known as Becky).

The course material is available for free on this website. The course is run on a cohort basis with a new cohort starting each month. You are welcome to join the cohort in progress or sign up for one in the future. When you sign up you are added to a mailing list. Rebecca sends an email twice per week while the course is running. If you no longer wish to receive the emails, you can unsubscribe yourself by clicking the unsubscribe button at the bottom of the email.

Hope to see you online.

To sign up for the course, click the button for the month you with to start:

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There currently is no formal intake planned after this month (April 2015); however, if I get enough people signed up I’ll offer another intake. If you are interested please use the link below to sign up.

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