Week 1 – What are Blogs?

Hi everyone,

Welcome to week 1 of the free online course “Should I blog?”. Each week of the course I’ll post a short video clip with a couple of key points. If you navigate to the weekly menus at the top of the website (http://shouldiblog.org), you will see button at the bottom of each week labeled Content, Discussion, and Activity.

If you know anyone that might want to explore this topic with you, please pass along the invite to join in.

Announcements for the course are sent via email and posted on the Facebook Page and the course Website (http://shouldiblog.org) under the Announcements menu.

Course discussions will mostly take place on Facebook, but you are also welcome to post comments directly on the course website. When posting on the website, you can choose to use any identity you like – so you do not need to use your real name – just be sure to use the same email address each time (email address is not posted). The first time you post, your message will be held for moderation. Once your email address has been approved, new messages should appear immediately. This is one way in which to avoid spam messages on the course website.

Please take some time this week to look over the content, discussion, and activity for the first week of the course (under the menu “Week 1”). If you have any questions, you can post them on Facebook (preferred), leave a comment on the http://shouldiblog.org website, or reply to this email.

Happy Learning!

Rebecca (aka Becky)