Should I Blog? Week 4 Introduction (March 2015)

Hi everyone,
Welcome the to the last week of Should I blog? Although this is official the last week of the course, you are welcome to re-enroll in the course at any time in the future. The content for the course will remain available on the website indefinitely. The Facebook group is also available for anyone who wants to share their blog posts or ask questions. Please pass along the link to the site to anyone you think might be interested.
I have not added an activity or a discussion topic for week 4 – in part this is because the content is a bit more fragmented. You may find the topics interesting, or you may not. Personally, I’m just now exploring how one makes money from a blog – and as such, there is some content on that topic, which will likely be updated for the April or May version of the course. I would encourage you to not think about making money from your blog until you have written for at least six months and have some content – as it is the content on the blog that will bring people to your site.
If there are any topics or tips you’d like me to cover in more detail, please send along a note. I’m aware that much of the week 4 content is vague, and I’d like to make it more concrete – your questions help me do just that.
Next week I’ll be sending along a link for a post-course survey – when it comes, I’d appreciate your feedback.