Week 2 – MidPoint Checkin

Hi everyone,
I hope you have found the time to explore the content for week 2, but also to reflect and start writing. Every blog should have a page (usually called About or About Me) that provides a brief biography of the author. If you are writing without using your actual name, then you should write your biography either completely without names or with a pseudonym.
I’ve moved the cautionary tail about images and blogs onto the week 2 content, as it fits more logically here. The key point to remember is that images carry a copyright, and that you cannot just use any image you find on the Internet. The easiest way to avoid copyright infringement is to only use pictures that you take.
Relating to this week’s topic, I wanted to highlight this morning’s blog post by one of our cancer blog mentors, Corrie Painter – http://jamforfries.blogspot.com/2015/03/its-greatest-honor-to-know-you-my.html – here she talks about an intensely private friend being mindful about maintaining that friend’s privacy.
If you are finding this course useful, please do me a favor and pass along the message to others. I’ve opened registration now for April and May. I probably won’t run a course in June due to vacation, but will be back again in July.
Your questions help shape the content of this course, so please ask questions. In week 3 I’ll be talking about a few specific blogging platforms (Tumblr, Blogger, WordPress.com, and WordPress.org).