Week 1 – What are blogs?

Week 1 - What are blogs?

In the first week of the course we explore what blogs are and a few tools that will make it easier for you to follow a variety of different blogs. In addition, cancer blog mentors share their reasons for blogging.

Week 2 – Where do you draw the line?

Week 2 - Where do you draw the line?

Blogging, and cancer blogging in particular, involves sharing information about yourself and about others (such as family members and physicians). This week, you explore how much information you feel comfortable sharing, as well as the impact of sharing information about others.

Week 3 – What’s stopping you?

Week 3 - What's stopping you?

In this week we explore the reasons you haven't started blogging yet.

Links to resources on different platforms for blogging and discuss the practicalities of blogging are provided. This week will include some technical information to help you better understand the options available to help you get started.

If you want to blog, and haven’t already started, this is the week to get things going.